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Inhabitant of our intestines

Bifidobacterium is a rod-shaped bacterium that stains purple on Gram stain. This Gram-positive1 bacteria is one of the beneficial inhabitant of the digestive tract of mammals, including humans. It is one of the first bacteria to colonize the digestive tract of newborns during vaginal births, as it is also naturally present in the vagina.

Beneficial bacteria in yoghurt

Bifidobacterium is well known from the public because of its presence in some yoghurts. Bifidobacterium is beneficial for health and is used as a probiotic2. It is present, for example, with Lactobacillus acidophilus in Infloran capsules. These probiotics can be used to regenerate the digestive flora3 in patients whose microbial flora has been damaged by antibiotic treatment for an infection or to prevent a severe intestinal disease called “necrotizing enterocolitis4” in premature newborns.