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Game rules

MyKrobs, an educative game: simple and funny

MyKrobs is a card game about microbes: from new microbes that we just discovered and are still assessing their pathogenic potential to the well-known ones that we encounter with increased frequency nowadays because of changes in our lifestyle. We wanted this game to be educational, but more importantly, fun to play. 

At least two players are required to play the game. The game features cards of 5 different colors; each represents a type
of situation in which you can be in contact with germs:

  • by food,
  • by water contaminated by our feaces,
  • by droplets or aerosols produced when we speak, sing, or breathe,
  • during animal exposure, and
  • during various activities which may lead to injury.

In each color:

  • 5 «neutral» cards have illustrations representing safe activities.
  • 8 «risk» cards generically represent at risk activities.

By playing these « risk » cards, you will expose yourself to an attack by microbes. If you are attacked you will have to draw a disease card. By doing this, you will know precisely which risky activity has led to an infection by which germ. You will get sick to varying degrees depending on the germ in question, and you will have to patiently wait for your recovery.

The number of time tokens shown on a health card corresponds to the severity of the disease.  Each time token corresponds to about one week of illness; sometimes the germ is rather harmless, and sometimes it is fatal. However, being ill, you will have to give
up activities for a number of weeks.

In addition, in this game, we have a set of special cards that correspond to situations that make us more at risk of infections: immunosuppression, pregnancy, staying in an hospital, an epidemic or a particularly risky activity. These special cards are a variant expansion which can be used both with the Krobs game ( and the present MyKrobs game.

Read the rules leaflet, you will see it is simple and very funny!

Rules in 5 languages

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