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The creators

Prof. Gilbert Greub

Institute of Microbiology of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Professor Greub is division chief for the microbial diagnostic unit, director of the Institute of Microbiology, professor at the Department of biology and medicine at the University of Lausanne, and leader of a research group focusing on intracellular bacteria.

Besides his strong interest in germs he is an avid board game player which gave him the idea to develop a game to increase public awareness towards novel microbes.

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Drsc. Carole Kebbi

Institute of Microbiology of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Carole Kebbi is a biologist, specialized in intracellular bacteria with a teaching and research assignment. She played a major role in the development, editing and distribution of the game KROBS. She also contributed to the design of the website, as well as the scientific content.

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Vincent Dutrait

Seoul, South Korea

Vincent Dutrait est un illustrateur de jeux à la réputation internationale, le meilleur selon nous ! Nous avons été très heureux qu’il accepte de réaliser les illustrations de KROBS et de notre site internet. Ses illustrations sont superbes, de très grande qualité et elles étayent également le jeu d’un certain humour.

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Sébastien Pauchon

Gameworks, Vevey, Switzerland

Sébastien Pauchon is the developer and editor of over thirty games and leads Game Works, a company that does both game development and editing. Together with B. Cathala and M. Braff he created the « gameplay » of KROBS and edited the game. With his background in game development he provided insight in marketing, distribution and sale of KROBS

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