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Why the game?

Why a game about microbes, when at first sight there are so many more attractive themes?

The discovery of new microbes that are dangerous to health often takes place during epidemics. The researchers in Professor Greub’s group (image) have been working on new microbes since January 2004. Their aim is to ideally discover them before they cause an epidemic and thus reduce the health risks.

Reducing health risks is easy if you know how germs are transmitted. Indeed, during our daily activities, our travels, or our hobbies, simple gestures protect us. But we need to know which ones and the 60 most common infectious diseases.

This is how the idea of the MyKrobs Game was born...

Our current lifestyles expose us to more risks.

But the microbes that are dangerous to health are too often unknown to the general public and to health workers, because they cause diseases that are rare or difficult to detect. In addition, there is regularly a lack of knowledge about how they are transmitted and what preventive measures can be taken.

This is why Professor Greub had the idea of creating a first game, Krobs (, which included 20 microbes. Then, in view of the success of Krobs, he decided to create a 2nd game: MyKrobs, which features more microbes (44 MyKrobs).

We wanted this game to be educational but above all fun. We wanted you to enjoy playing the game while at the same time becoming aware of some of the microbes that surround us. Thus, without even taking notice, you will learn which behaviors in everyday life are safe, which present risks and, above all, what to do to avoid them.

Thanks to MyKrobs, we hope that you will learn more about microbes, while meeting colorful characters, such as the super villain “SuperMyKrobs”.